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Engagements are a unique opportunity to gain real-life consulting experience working alongside other GCC members.  You will be working with companies ranging from novel startups to international social enterprise companies. These engagements allow you to create real impacts on companies and strengthen your own business analytical skills.

Engagements will allow you to work in fields ranging from technology, healthcare, environmental studies, and several other sectors that you will be exposed to in the field of management consulting. This is an incredibly unique opportunity that we highly encourage every member to take part in during their time at GCC.

Spring 2024 Engagements



Dentro is a start-up dental technology company launching its product in 2024. They provide a platform for users to connect one-on-one with dental experts and consultants in the industry. 

The platform also provides mentorship and training opportunities. Users can search by subject matter or expert rating and schedule a one-on-one consultation with experts. Professionals who participate can set their schedules and rates for their expertise. As an early start-up, our student consultants helped conduct market research to improve their product and attract investors. They are moreover, researching competitors specifically to understand pricing and service levels. Deliverables included documents with market research, a matrix to compare competitors, and questionnaires to send to dentists and other experts about their products. In addition, student consultants aided in creating a network of “influencers” to help market their products. 


Blue Blox 

Blue Blox is a new construction materials company that uses insulated concrete forums (ICF) to build more robust buildings (residential and commercial).


Our student consultants aided in the Strategic Planning of Blue Blox. Blue Blox currently has one manufacturing plant and are looking for potential distributors or direct-to-consumer channels. Student consultants aided in formulating a plan for the next steps in expanding. They conducted market research and created a plan for potential options for distribution: (1) to keep the current model of one manufacturing plant and utilize established distributors (Nudura, Fox Blox…etc.), (2) expand to a few plants and sell through distributors and their channel, or (3) investigate potential franchising opportunities. Deliverables included a slide deck with different strategic decisions including a scorecard for those decisions.

Icarus Better.jpeg


Icarus is a start-up nutraceutical development company whose products are designed to disrupt impulsive behavior and reduce harm. They are a company in San Francisco dedicated to creating a balance between a healthy lifestyle and longevity. Essentially, they design pills to help minimize compulsive behavior and supplements that allow users to continue using recreational drugs with minimal brain damage.


As a growing company, our student consultants aided in searching for their second round of funding to further develop their products. Moreover, they helped to develop their supply chain network and conducted market research regarding customer segmentation and pricing.


InTech Consulting

InTech Consulting is a small local IT firm based in Columbia, SC which was founded in 2015. They specialize in technology implementations including new system implementations, system upgrades, and full life-cycle of IT systems. Currently, their primary market is state organizations and government agencies. The CEO is considering expanding their work outside SC contracts.


Our student consultants aided in assessing the current market conditions and providing a roadmap and recommendation for their expansion strategy.

Work With Us


We are always looking to take on a new project, please email if you are interested in engaging with us as a client.
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