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Engagements are a unique opportunity to gain real-life consulting experience working alongside other GCC members.  You will be working with companies ranging from novel startups to international social enterprise companies. These engagements allow you to create real impacts on companies and strengthen your own business analytical skills.

Engagements will allow you to work in fields ranging from technology, healthcare, environmental studies, and several other sectors that you will be exposed to in the field of management consulting. This is an incredibly unique opportunity that we highly encourage every member to take part in during their time at GCC.

Fall 2022 Engagements


Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Oak Ridge National Laboratory delivers scientific discoveries and technical breakthroughs needed to realize solutions in energy and national security and provide economic benefit to the nation. We address national needs through impactful research and world-leading research centers. Our wide range of partnerships with other US Department of Energy laboratories and programs, universities, and industry allows us to pair our strengths with others for outstanding contributions to science.


Parker's Mobile Clinic 

Parker’s Mobile Clinic is a non-profit healthcare organization in Nigeria serving beneficiaries across the country and in rural areas. We helped Parker’s Mobile Clinic generate grants and nonprofit funding through establishing strategies for Business-to-Business (B2B) funding and development initial strategy for the establishment of USSD code for Business-to-Consumer (B2C) funding 

Work With Us


We are always looking to take on a new project, please reach out if you are interested in engaging us as a client.
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