Engagements are a unique opportunity to gain real-life consulting experience working alongside other GCC members.  You will be working with companies ranging from novel startups to international social enterprise companies. These engagements allow you to create real impacts on companies and strengthen your own business analytical skills.

Engagements will allow you to work in fields ranging from technology, healthcare, environmental studies, and several other sectors that you will be exposed to in the field of management consulting. This is an incredibly unique opportunity that we highly encourage every member to take part in during their time at GCC.

Spring 2022 Engagements

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GlassWRX is a company based here in South Carolina. Glass WRX SC is leading the way in creating innovative uses for post-consumer and industrial waste glass destined for landfills.   GlassWRX develops systems and assists communities and municipalities in converting consumer waste into valuable assets and resources. They collect, sort, and broker an ever-expanding array of substrates – many are sold to local businesses and manufacturers who depend on these “raw” materials to run profitably. 

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Bridges for Enterprise

Bridges for Enterprise is a non-profit organization that provides pro-bono advisory services to social enterprises in the developing world. GCC members have the ability to work with clientele around the world while supporting a good cause. You will work with entrepreneurs to address their core business challenges while helping them become investor-ready. 



Yovant, Inc. is a startup implementation consulting firm specializing in integrating Duck Creek insurance technology into the IT systems of insurance companies.  We will be working within the internal operations of the company, specifically related to how they staff oncoming projects.  The team has identified a major opportunity to not simply clean the existing model, but rather design a new model that captures all of the same priorities and yet operates much more efficiently, easily, and automatedly.  

Work With Us


We are always looking to take on a new project, please reach out if you are interested in engaging us as a client.